OMRON at EDS 2021

OMRON will exhibit the next generation of sensor solutions for ventilation, lighting and access control.

OMRON Electronic Components Europe invites you to the Engineering Design Show 2021 at the Coventry Building Society Arena (Ricoh Arena) in Coventry on 19th and 20th October. Focusing on smart home & building automation, at stand K32 OMRON will exhibit the next generation of sensor solutions for ventilation, lighting and access control.

You will be able to see live demos of the OMRON D6T-32L Thermal Sensor with people detection algorithm. With its 90.0° by 90.0° field of view, it can detect stationary and moving people and objects across a wide area. These characteristics combined with the facial recognition features of the HVC-P2 and the “mechanical eye” capabilities of the TOF sensor module offer advanced possibilities in lighting and access control, as well as in occupancy monitoring for infection control within buildings.

The versatility of the thermal sensor makes it also an ideal addition to the D6F-PH Digital Pressure and 2JCIE Environment Sensors to optimize the performance of HVAC systems. With their complementary features, these sensors enable accurate sensing of air flow, temperature, humidity and human presence.

The OMRON team will be at disposal at the stand to provide all the required information and answer any questions.

When: Tuesday 19th October & Wednesday 20th October 2021
Where: Stand K32, Coventry Building Society Arena (Ricoh Arena), Coventry, UK

Sensors displayed by OMRON at stand K32 include:

D6T-32L Thermal Sensor
The D6T-32L with people detection algorithm is a super-sensitive infrared thermal sensor that can monitor movement within a building, define occupancy ratio in an area, and control lighting and HVAC to save energy.

- People detection modules
- Crowd density monitoring
- Gate access control
- Ventilation control

HVC-P2 Image Sensor
The Human Vision Component (HVC) with OKAO Vision is a face recognition sensor that offers ten key image sensing functions: detection of a human face, hand or body, face recognition, gender detection and estimations of age, mood, facial pose, gaze and blink. It is available with 50° and 90° FOV campera types and is easy to implement through UART or USB output.

- Security/access control
- Digital signage
- Vending machines
- Ticketing machines
- Marketing equipment in retail

2JCIE Environment Sensor
Utilised as an IoT edge device, the 2JCIE measures noise, acceleration, eTVOC and other environmental data. It has a built-in memory and connectivity through beacon communication, and is particularly suitable for home air quality monitoring as well as earthquake detection.

- Lighting and domotics
- Ventilation and temperature control
- Safety and security
- Smart meters

B5L 3D TOF Sensor Module
The TOF Sensor Module is a “mechanical eye” capable of accurately and easily detecting the surrounding environment even in sub-optimal conditions. Featuring a 940nm near-infrared emitter and 240 x 320 pixel receiving array, the sensor gives ranging information for the entire field of view and measures the absolute distance to objects from 0.5m to 4m.

- Autonomous robots
- Lighting and domotics
- Security/access control

D6F-PH MEMS Differential Pressure Sensor
The digital pressure sensor is used in heat recovery units to measure air flow and detect clogged filters. Using temperature compensation, it measures differential pressure with high accuracy and repeatability over a wide temperature range.

- Heat recovery units
- Variable air volume
- Clogged filter detection

Looking forward to welcoming you!
OMRON's expert staff will be available at stand K32 to answer any questions and demonstrate the sensor solutions for smart home & building automation.

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