Omron at Electronica 2018

Omron Showcases Sensors for Smart Homes and Cities at Electronica

Omron Electronic Components Europe is demonstrating a new range of IoT ready sensors for digital signage, building automation and factory automation at Electronica fair at Messe Munchen between 13-16 November.

The Omron team will be on hand in hall B3 at Stand 560 showing how it's latest sensors are creating opportunities for both manned and unmanned buildings to become automated. This includes the newly released USB version of our successful 2JCIE Environmental Sensor, which gives seven different measurements in one unit.

Commenting Gabriele Fulco, European Product Marketing Manager of Omron Electronic Components said, "Such sensors are making it increasingly easy for both the direct and indirect environmental factors affecting a facility, to be monitored over the IoT. Sensors paired with cloud-based solutions allow for automated response procedures to be put in place based on set thresholds."

At this year's Electronica at Messe Munich, visitors will be able to see how sensors like the Omron Human Vision Component (HVC) module, which recognises a variety of facial recognition functions and the 2JCIE-BL01 sensor, that measures multiple factors in the localised environment, can be applied to create autonomous, intelligent, smart buildings.

Sensors displayed by Omron in hall B3 at Stand 560 include:

HVC-P2 real time demonstration
The Human Vision Component (HVC) is a facial recognition sensor that offers ten key image sensing functions: detection of a human face, hand or body, face recognition, gender detection and estimations of age, mood, facial pose, gaze and blink. Available with 50 deg and 90 deg FOV campera types. Easy to implement through UART or USB output.
Recommended applications:
- Marketing equipment in retail
- Digital signage
- Vending machines
- Ticketing machines
- Security/access control

2JCIE-BL01 and 2JCIE-BU01 real time demonstration
Environmental sensor which measure temperature, humidity, light, barometric pressure, noise and acceleration in a single compact module. Comes with embedded memory for data logging and Bluetooth connectivity. Now introducing the USB type as well.
Recommended applications:
- IoT
- Ventilation control
- Building automation control
- Home monitoring

B5W-LD holographic introduction
Dust sensor, which is able to detect particles as small as 0.5 micron, 4 times more sensitive compared to other LED dust sensors in the market. It also features a high air throughput of around 6 times that of established alternatives, giving improved sensitivity of response to changes in the environment.
Recommended applications:
- Air purifiers
- Air quality monitoring

D7S vibration sensor real time demonstration
This highly compact seismic sensor has the ability to distinguish between genuine seismic activity and disturbances from other sources. Measures seismic activity via calculatio nbased on acceleration spectrum. Ultra compact and IoT friendly.
Recommended applications:
- Smart meters
- Building automation - disaster prevention

D6T Thermal Sensor real time demonstration
This thermal sensor is Ideal for building automation applications, it measures the surface temperature of the objects by detecting intensity of the infrared radiation, therefore can detect occupancy even when the people are stationary. Omron is offering 3 versions:
- 1x1 Single Eye
- 1x8 Array
- 4x4 Array
Recommended applications:
- People detection modules
- Building automation
- Ventilation control
- Home appliances

MEMS sensors real time demonstration
This demonstration shows a selection of MEMS sensors providing real time measurement data in a miniature controlled environment. The following sensors are embeddid in this demo environment: D6F-PH differential pressure sensor, D6F-V air velocity sensor, D6T thermal sensor, D7S vibration sensor, 2SMPB-02E barometric pressure sensor and B5W-LD dust sensor.
Recommended applications:
- Ventilation
- Building automation

ToF sensor real time demonstration
NEW! The ToF (Time of Flight) is a distance sensor based on the known speed of light, measuring the time of flight to an object. This sensor is an easy to embed, excellent environment resistant and high precision 3D measuring sensor. High ambient light resistant for both indoor and outdoor use, corresponding to ambient light level 100,000 lux.
Recommended applications:
- Robots
- Automatic Guided Vehicles

Looking forward to welcoming you!
Omron's expert staff will be available in hall B3 at Stand 560 to asnwer any questions and demonstrate the above sensors and more that have been designed for digital signage, building automation and factory automation.

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