Components for medical devices

Many areas of medicine and healthcare depend on universal computing with smooth interfaces between humans and machines. Quality and reliability are paramount for the highest standards of patient care. Omron provides a variety of electronic components and sub-assembly solutions for medical devices used in hospital wards, surgical suites, laboratories and at home.


Omron supplies monitors for hospital, medical centre and home monitoring systems. These include blood pressure monitors and accurate, easy-use handheld glucose monitors. We also provide compact, easy to mount FPC connectors and high-performance MEMS pressure sensors.

Respiratory devices and anaesthesia

Omron bypass-style flow sensors deliver excellent low flow resolution with an integrated dust segregation system. Our mass flow sensor range includes highly sensitive MEMS sensors and a range of sizes and port options.


We supply a range of mass flow sensors, including MEMS mass flow gas sensors for precision and control in argon-enhanced devices. We also provide a range of high-performing tactile switches with a wide variety of actuators, mounting styles and switching characteristics.


Our slim, compact and reliable signal and MOSFET relays are ideal for ultrasound devices. Performance is further enhanced by a broad selection of speciality switches. We also supply a range of transmissive and reflective photomicrosensors. They allow various mounting possibi...

Laboratory/diagnostic equipment and home care

Omron supplies miniature, high accuracy MEMS pressure sensors suitable for blood pressure measurement and wound management. Our relay range includes compact, low cost solid state relays and the industry’s widest range of HF/RF relays. We also provide sealed and unseale...

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Sensitive dust sensor for air pollution control

Omron Electronic Components Europe is launching a new dust sensor module, offering four times greater sensitivity compared with other LED dust sensors on the market.

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