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About High Frequency Relays for High-speed Differential Transmission Signal Switching

In recent years, various devices have been generating, transmitting and processing a large amount of information data, including high image quality of cameras mounted on digital cameras and smart phones, high image quality distribution of television and Internet moving images and so on. Mechanical relays are built in these equipment main bodies, production equipment and inspection equipment, and ar eused for switching the connection destination of signals, on/off control.

White Paper G6K-2-RF

March 2018

Visit the G6K-2-RF product page for more details.

Image Sensor for Human Recognition
OMRON Corporation has been developing image sensing technology "OKAO Vision" for Human Recognition for over 20 years, which enables the detection of faces, facial featrues, -human bodies coupled with the estimation of age or gender of the humans in the captured images. Omron had licensed this technology into mainly digital cameras and smartphones, and consequently those have amounted to a total over 10 million licenses. Furthermore, OMRON has launched Human Vision Components (commonly referred to as HVC), which are modular solutions, and each incorporates 10 human sensing functions which are features of "OKAO Vision", including the functions mentioned above.

White Paper HVC-P2

May 2018

Visit the HVC product page for further information.

Utilized as an IoT Edge Device Sensing a Variety of Environmental Information Around You
The OMRON environment sensor is an ultra-compact multifunction sensing component with the sensing function, measuring temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, light intensity, sound noise, acceleration, eTVOC and other environmental information and has wireless communication function. The sensor not only outputs sensing data but also detects earthquakes by its original algorithm, calculates the heatstroke alert level and makes a judgement by some thresholds.

White Paper 2JCIE

June 2018

Visit the 2JCIE product page for further information.

D6T MEMS Non-Contatct Temperature Sensor

Omron's MEMS non-contact temperature sensor is an infrared temperature sensor that can measure target surface temperature without touching, by receiving radiant heat from the object with thermopile element(s).

To support embedded applications, Omron has implemented thermopile element(s) and ASIC into one package of MEMS non-contact temperature sensor using its unique MEMS technology, materializing an ultra-small module. Digital output of temperature data detected by the MEMS non-contact temperature sensor through I2C communications can reduce both processing load of the master-end microcontroller and the development period.

White Paper D6T

September 2018

Visit the D6T product page for further information.

Basics of DIP Switches
DIP Switch is a miniature switch that is mounted onto printed circuit boards and used to make settings on electronic devices. The name "DIP switch" comes from having the same shape and array of terminals found in integrated circuits (dual inline package), thus abbreviated to DIP.
DIP switches are widely used in communication equipment, commercial equipment and industrial equipment with optional features including surface mounting, assortment of poles, different actuator types and sealing structure.

White Paper DIP Switches

December 2018

Visit the DIP Switch category to see the selection of Omron DIP switches available.

Basics of Tactile Switches
A tactile switch allows electricity to flow in an electrical circuit by manually pressing the operating section. The switch is used to supply input signal to actuate a device or equipment. It is designed with a small footprint suited for mounting onto the surface of printed cirtuit boards (PCB) made to connect electronic components to form electronic circuits.

White Paper Tactile Switches

March 2019

Visit the Tactile Switch category to see the selection of Omron Tactile switches available.

Basics of Basic Switches
"Basic switch" is a mechanical sensor that detects the presence or absence of an object as well as its position by activating a plunger when the object physically comes into contact. With the emerging of IoT, Omron's basic switches have been widely adopted for position detection installed in customers' newly developed electric appliances, machines and mechanical equipment.

White Paper Basic Switches

March 2019

Visit the Basic Switch category to see the selection of Omron Basic switches available.

G3VM-66M MOSFET Relay Module
Semiconductor Equipment and Test Technologies are making rapid progress in terms of scale and performance. Along with it, the requirements to reduce the total cost of test by improving tester time and efficiency have challenged Test & Measurement technology to become more complex, by adding a higher number of test channels.

White Paper G3VM-66M

December 2018

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MOSFET Relays Solution Guide

When MOSFET relays are used under conditions that exceed the absolute maximum ratings even for a moment, it can be disruptive.

To ensure the reliability of MOSFET relays, it is important for the users to carefully consider all environmental conditions - including de-rating desing - when using the MOSFET relay. This brochure lists the causes and remedial measures from the past failure events as a guideline to help uncover any unexpected causes.

White Paper G6K-2-RF

October 2018

Visit the MOSFET product page for more details.

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