Leading the way

OMRON has already changed your world! Here are some of the OMRON innovations that have revolutionised the way we live.

1960 - World's first non-contact (solid state) switch

1964 - World's first automated traffic signal – the foundation of today’s traffic control systems.

1967 - World's first fully automated unmanned train station.

1971 - World's first online automated cash dispenser – the basis for today’s magnetic card systems.

1987 - World's first ultra-high-speed fuzzy logic controller.

1991 - In-line inspection system.

1995 - Distance warning system for motor vehicles.

1998 - Machine capable of identifying counterfeit notes in various currencies.

2004 - Face recognition technology for mobile phones.

2007 - World's first real-colour 3D Vision Sensor.

2009 - World's first CO2 visualisation system for automatically analysing potential energy conservation areas.

While you’re reading this...
Our R&D specialists are hard at work in the fields of Sensing and Control. We are working towards an exciting new generation of machines. They not only process and act on information as humans do, but can also understand and adapt to their environments and to human needs.

Find out more about our history as well as our plans for the future.

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